Glow EP Review

Graham Barnes – Belter Radio`s Country Belles Show


The best thing about being a radio presenter is finding new artists and music to feature on the show. We find music in various ways checking out new releases, constantly searching for something new, different or maybe even older music that we haven’t featured before to keep the shows fresh and sometimes the music comes to us.


Molly-Anne an artist based in Gloucestershire in the south west of England did just that she sent me some demos of her EP that she was using a rocket fuel campaign to fund. As I listened to the tracks supplied I was blown away by the clarity of her crystal clear vocals and that was just the un-finished demo tracks!

I am pleased to say that the finished three track EP has certainly fulfilled the early promise of the demonstration tracks. Molly-Anne has a folk / country style to her music, a fusion that works amazingly well for her.

























Glow –

We will start with the song Molly-Anne has chosen as her EPs title track. A beautiful intro sets the scene for the EP. This first track really focuses on Molly`s voice displaying her gorgeous voice to its full potential. Glow would make a good single, it is a beautifully put together summery track that really makes you want to hear more from the artist.


Young Fever –

This track again starts with a gently paced guitar and mandolin start. Young Fever is softly sung track no crash and burn here just simple story telling. As the title suggests this one is about young love, desire and missing a loved one who is away a lot and the changes that are noticed upon the subjects return.


Corona Del Mar –

The final track is my personal favourite it has a gentle rhythm and catchy hooks to really draw you in. Corona Del Mar has an addictive quality to the song I found it going round in my head way after I had finished listening to it.


Starting with a gentle guitar intro Molly joins in with her trademark vocal tones to tell the story of the song a relationship in a far off place in the Californian sun.

“I look back to that summer all the time it turns out freedom meant nothing if you`re falling apart.”


The lyrics are well crafted and fit perfectly.

“What`s to believe it`s a westerly breeze, you should have left me in Corona Del Mar”

As the story goes the singer takes on a reflective slant longing for a return to carefree days of summer with a question of what if?














Molly-Anne is an honest song writer whose down to earth attitude and persona is well reflected in her music.


I am sure that we will be hearing a lot more from Molly-Anne as we go through 2018. The quality of her EP will go a long way in getting her name and music recognised for, not only the quality of her song writing but that gorgeous trade mark voice which is completely captivating.


To find out more about Molly-Anne go to

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From Seattle, Shannon Alexander and Eric Smith aka Static Shore produce a genre busting mix of synth pop, electronica, chill, dream and future pop creating their own special blend and unique sound.

Inspired by artists as diverse as Depeche Mode and Lorde to name just a couple. Shannon and Eric are starting to make themselves known not just in their native Seattle, but across the Atlantic  here in the UK as well.


Their latest release, In The Dust arrived here at Belter-Radio and was quickly added to the playlists on our Independent Artist shows.

Their track has a pleasant melodic feel to it starting with an almost Caribbean style steel drum rhythmic opening. Shannon`s vocals complement the dreamy ambience to the song as she delivers the opening lines

“Open up now, brilliant flame,

We may dream, dream repeating, Let it lay”

Expertly combining the music and lyrics Shannon and Eric have come up with a real gem and as Shannon reaches the final lyrics

“Through my eyes,

In the dust and tinted rainbows, again and again


Oh yeah, each day

Each and every day.”

You will finding yourself hitting the replay button to let the song take you away to dreamland once again.

here ...

static static 2


Blank Check – Single Review

By Graham Barnes – Belter Radio UK










Blank Check is the brand new single from American / Swedish duo 7000apart. Described as an organic pop duo Amelie Elding and Jon Kresin combine powerful vocals with equally strong song writing.


The duo got their name from the long distance apart that their relationship had at one point,

This new single which is due to be released on the 1st march 2019 has all the makings to put 7000apart firmly on the musical map as performers of quality, honest, and straight from the heart music.













Blank Check

The song starts with a piano driven melody which is played at a moderate tempo, after a few bars Amelie cuts in with the opening lines of the lyrics.

Amelie has a rich tone in her voice and this song is the perfect vehicle to show what an accomplished vocalist she is.


Black Check is superbly written, everything about the single fits like a glove. The attention to detail within the song shows the duo`s hard work has paid off and their writing has progressed significantly since the earlier recordings that they have released.


The song carries on at the steady tempo set at the beginning almost all throughout the song, but as the song progresses a subtle variations in the melody allows Amelie to expand her vocal range to give a glimmer of its full potential.


This almost haunting question that lies at the heart of the song, is one many people experiencing a painful break up will I`m sure recognise.

“I`m not asking for forgiveness, asking for a blank check, I wanna, wanna know where did we go wrong?”


You can pick up Amelie`s gorgeous accent as she delivers those heartfelt lines.













This is an excellent single and 7000apart have set the bar very, very high with the quality of this track and with new music planned for 2019 this looks like a busy year for the duo.

















With Jon`s commitment to quality music and Amelie`s stunning crystal clear vocals this will most surely earn the duo lots of airplay and attention in the coming year, and we at Belter Radio can`t wait to hear more from them.


Following a successful crowdfunding scheme a new album is also due for release in May 2019'


For more on 7000apart visit


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